Weekly Spread

First I want to tell you that this post was written last week, and I was going to put it out there around Wednesday, but something happened with the SD card and it became difficult to get the pictures off.  I finally got everything fixed and decided to post it anyway even though it is days late.  I’ll add this weeks spread soon.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  SO, without further ado…..

This week marks the beginning of February – the month of hearts and love.  I decided to go with the pink this week. 


I have to share an experience that I had over the past weekend.  I had been admiring the Elle Oh Elle stickers that I had seen all over the place but could never find in the stores that I had been going to for my stickers – Michaels and Joann.  I finally got a chance to ask a friend where she purchased hers.  Hobby Lobby.  I had been meaning to go to Hobby Lobby, but they are not located really close to my home, so the trip to that store had to be planned, oh and they’re closed on Sundays.  I finally got there and found the Elle Oh Elle items on the endcap, and the only had one book of stickers left.  The seal had been broken and I’m not a fan of any item that has been compromised.  But it was the only one and I made this trip specifically for those stickers.  I had to get it.  Something made me look at the side of the sticker book and it looked like something off.  It was. 

Someone had taken out pages of the book!  I mean really….who does that.  The book was $9.99 and it was on sale for 50% off.  Just buy the book!



I found an employee and asked if there were anymore in the back.  There wasn’t. I did get a raincheck for when the next delivery came in and the manager did give me 75% off the janky one. 


Hopefully I can make the trip this weekend and there will be books that have not been molested.  Wish me luck readers. 


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