Closet Reno Part I


Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I had my first official away Girls Trip with my mother and sister.  Babydoll hung out with us also (Stan had to work), but it was the best time all around.  It was my sisters birthday weekend and we just took a jaunt up to Chicago for some shopping and eating.


I know I said I would post at least once and week and failed to post last week, but I had begun the first phase of my closet reno.  It didn’t happen as quickly as I thought it would, mostly because I was crazy intimated by this first part because it is where the majority of my clothes are being hung; and for that reason, I second guessed myself.  A LOT.  I listened to too many people at the hardware store giving me advice about how to hang my brackets and I didn’t go the way that I learned was best from doing my Babydolls closet.  My older brother came and helped me out, but it didn’t come together until I received a pep talk from God about trusting in myself and doing things the way that I know and to stop listening to others.  At that point things came together and five days later than I expected it to take, I had something that I loved!.  Everything is hanging up there without any problems and I’m just super proud of myself and extremely grateful to my brother for his help in using his strength to get those screws in the wall.


The first step to getting this completed was removing all my clothes and placing them in my bathtub.  I then struggled my way through taking the wire closet shelf out of the wall.  This took some time and a lot of elbow grease.  I then patched up the holes with this awesome spackle I purchased at Menards. 

I already had a can of white paint handy that was used downstairs.  Stan didn’t like the fact that is was a semi-gloss, but my theory was it was in the house, we didn’t have anything that it was slated to be used for anytime soon and I didn’t have to go buy paint.  I painted the wall after I sanded the spackle.  At that point I started putting together the drawer section of the closet.  It took me two days to get this right because I was trying to set it up without using the wall bracket to hang it.  I was told that I didn’t necessarily need the bracket with this system.  But it wouldn’t stay up, and I was afraid I was going to break what I had put together because they kept tilting.  I had them propped up with some stair treads we had hanging out in our loft. Like I said, it took me two days to come to my senses and get the bracket and hang the thing up that way.  After that, things started looking up. 

I lost another couple of days trying to hang by pole brackets up for the longest pole, the top pole, because again I listened to another fellow at the hardware store who suggested I not use drywall anchors but anchor the brackets into the studs.  This would have been great if we hadn’t encountered something that blocked us from actually being able to screw into the studs.  My brother and I were sweating like it was 110 degrees and scratching our heads in frustration at why we couldn’t get those screws to go into the wall.  Finally we settled for toggle bolts and got it done. 




At that point I was still missing three large drawers that will go with the middle cabinets, but I’m adding a drawer a week so that I don’t bankrupt myself.  School starts in a few weeks and I’m currently getting Babydoll ready for school at the same time working on a few other things.  I purchased a drawer last Thursday and put it in there, so now I’m only two drawers short.

This week, today actually, I’m working on the shoe wall.  I’ve taken out the shoes and took down the Rubbemaid wire closet shelf.  Can I say that those things are evil.  I can’t figure out why someone would put them in the closet.  Honestly it would be better to hang a wooden pole and and shelves than to put those systems up.  If you are ever thinking of a closet system to get, I implore you to not do that to yourself of the next person that gets your closet.  If they decide to take the system down and do something different they are in for a world of hurt and frustration.  Don’t do it! 

I’m waiting on the spackle to dry so that I can sand and paint.  I have shoes all over my bedroom floor so, I have got to get this set up today.  So I better get to it.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see more of this adventure.  Everyone have a great week.


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  1. Donna Spearman says:

    looks like you are getting it done you go girl tell your mom i said hello

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