Garden Ridge find

This year we have to buy two new Christmas trees. Our previous main tree is a 6.5’ and looks pitiful with our 10’ ceilings; I was able to get away with it for the past two years 1) the first year we had moved in the week before Christmas and didn’t have time to buy a new tree and 2) Stan and I disagreed about the right size so we didn’t get a new one last year. Stan has been adamant that we are not putting up that little tree again this year. Since the basement is close to being completed (we have walls now and the painters will be here within the next couple of days. I want to share pictures, but I also want to big reveal post also, so I’m resisting.) I am going to put the “small” tree down there and decorate it for Stan. The other tree I have to replace is the pink tree. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this tree, but this was a tree that my husband and father-in-law purchased thinking it would be a great tree for Babydoll. It’s Pepto Bismal pink and every time I decorate it, I sigh. It’s so pink that’s the only thing you can do. It’s probably about 9’ tall and 64” in diameter. Babydoll loves it and Stan won’t let me get rid of it for anything. It has been placed in the loft in front of the window so everyone sees it during the holidays and Stan says it brings him tremendous joy to see it in the window when he comes home (not to mention the compliments he says he’s received – that is totally due to my ingenious tree decorating skills).

Anywho…that is a lot of description to tell you about my trip to Garden Ridge. I’ve been looking at Christmas trees for a couple of weeks now because I need to get the trees sooner rather than later because I have scheduled us for family pictures the first weekend in December and I need to have my trees ready for pictures.

We took a look at the trees and I think I’ve made a decision (still need to look at a couple more places, and the pink trees are not big enough); but while we were there I took the time to look at the baskets and containers. I knew I wanted to look at the baskets, but I couldn’t remember why I needed to look for a basket. They had a sign that said all “red line” items were 90% off and the damaged items were 50% off. I just happened to look up and see a red “leather” bin on a shelf off to itself.


I reached up (I thank God for my long extremities at times like this)and took the bin down and it had a red line through the price of $19.99. I immediately started looking around for one of the price scanner thingy so that I could check what my furiously beating heart and rapidly spinning brain was processing. I found the scanner and held the price tag under the light – I held my breath and then the price came up. $1.99!!!! I started doing a little dance, then looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to me. I hustled myself back over to the area and began my search. I found three more red bins and two black.


I told Stan to go get me a cart while I stood guard over my find and started dancing again. Stan asked why did I need so many and I replied because they’re $1.99, duh. I bought six bins for $12.78. I took them home and decided that they would become part of my pantry organization.

This is only the beginning stage of the organization, I still need to get my shelving together and therefore you will only see the bottom.


The rest is just too shameful. I still have two bins left, which after a week of looking at them I think I decided to use them in my master closet to store more of my purses.

I love Garden Ridge. Smile  If you have one in your town and haven’t been you should really check it out. Have you found any really good deals lately?


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