A HomeGoods find

I went to HomeGoods to replace the 1 qt stainless steel pot that Stan burnt up trying to warm up Chicken & Dumplins. The man won’t warm up soup in the microwave to save my pots! He even warms up canned soup in a pot. I’m digressing. What I walked out of the store with is this….

Orange Emulsion…

Lemon Emulsion….

Red Velvet Cake Emulsion….


A good size bottle of vanilla extract (I know I know I’m making some why am I buying more…I bake a lot guys and my homemade won’t be complete for another six weeks and I will run out before then)


Now look at the prices I paid for them


Yep, $2.99 for the emulsions and And $5.99 for the extract.  I also found this bottle of black peppercorns that I was in need of.


And look how much I paid for it…


Now I did get a new pot also, but it wasn’t a 1 qt.


Still looking for the replacement for my pot; but so happy to have found these. I bought all of the emulsions that they had on the shelf. I have no idea what to do with them yet. I made citrus cookies last weekend (along with a carrot cake – still making two desserts a weekend trying to get holiday desserts right) and I was afraid to use the emulsions. I used my orange and lemon extracts instead with the zest of both.

If you’ve ever used emulsions, send me a word and let me know the best ways to use them. I could really use the advice. I make a White Chocolate Orange pound cake that I’m thinking about using the orange emulsion in but the recipe calls for fresh orange juice and zest. Don’t know how to work it. I guess I’ll need to check Google for research.


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