Books, Authors, and Mexican

This past weekend was my book club scheduled monthly meeting.  Because we were scheduled to do a phone interview with an author I volunteered to host because I had a speaker phone.  My good friend and fellow book club member asked what I planned to prepare for dinner.  She mentioned that she really loves my guacamole and Pico.  So Mexican it was.  I decided to make an enchilada casserole, black bean & corn salad, and yellow rice with cilantro, tres leches cake, guacamole and Pico de Gallo  with chips, and strawberry margaritas.

We talked to a new author, Casey Holloway, and talked about his book, Get’ N Hammered, which is the first of a series.  The meeting and interview went very well and you can check out our blog for more details.  

The food was fabulous (as usual).  Everyone always seems to get caught up eating the main courses and then is stuffed by the time dessert roles around.  I told everyone to stop eating and save room for dessert, I had a 13 x 9 pan of cake and I didn’t want to have it left after everyone went home. 


As we were sitting discussing our next moves I heard something in the kitchen that sounded like my dogs tags jingling.  I call her into the room and guess what?…she has a beard full of cake crumbs.  Sad smile  My dog has never gotten up on the cabinets and tables….why did she decide to do it on this day?  I couldn’t be angry with her because I was the one who left the cake out on the table.  I didn’t get to try any of the cake because I never have an appetite after cooking.  Does this happen to anyone else?  So the next day I made myself a pan of peanut butter, caramel brownies. Smile 

I’m glad everyone enjoyed dinner (Stan and my baby doll included) and our book club has made another author friend.  Sugarbook Club is becoming a well recognized club within the Romance Writers world.  

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