A Book For My Nook

I think I have mentioned several times that I have a Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet.  And I have to say that I am very happy with it.  Yeah, yeah, yeah the iPad is great if that is what you need, but for the most part I just want to have an ereader that occasionally allows me to surf the web or play a game.  I don’t want nor do I need a lot of apps.  That’s just me…it’s what pops my panties.  Me.  If you want an iPad or a Kindle Fire then go for it, do you.

Having said all that, let me get to the reason for this post.  I am all about accessorizing.   I like shoes (no I love shoes), watches, earrings (the bigger the better because I have REALLY short hair), makeup, rings, purses (I call them my bags), just accessories.  So I’m always thinking of cost effective ways to accessorize all my gadgets.  I’ve made camera bags for my camera, covers for my Kindle (the DX – the big one), and my Sony, etc.  I hadn’t done anything for my Nook because I was treating my baby to special treatment, nothing but the best for my girl.  The problem with wanting the best and me loving accessories is that I cringe (mean really cringe) when  look at something that is gloriously beautiful that is right up my speed but cost $70.  I can’t do it.  Nope won’t do it.   Not spending $70.  The other problem is that there is not as many pretty covers for Nooks as there are for the Kindle Fire and iPad (I wonder why that’s so?).  About a month ago I went on a rampage looking for a cover and found that I can make this amazing cover for less than $5.00.  People are selling beautiful covers on Etsy for $60 (and I’m not knocking anyone’s business) and I can do it myself for around $5.  This is how I did it.

First I went to Goodwill, Nook in hand and found a book that was around the same height and width of my Nook  and paid $2.50 plus tax (I actually bought three books because my girlfriend begged me to make one for her and I wanted to make something for my mother).  I then went to JoAnns and spent some cash (about $30) for fabric (I just couldn’t just buy one), felt in various colors, elastic (in two widths), batting, and buttons.


Then I went home and got to working.

I cut the insides of the book out,


I cut and measured my fabric,


trimmed up the batting to layer between book and fabric then I used my trusty hot glue gun to glue the fabric and batting and to the book,


then I added my button on the outside and elastic that would attach to the button


cut the elastic to hold the book in place


This is what the final project looked like.


Afterwards, I realized my mistake.  And I made improvements.


Then I realized that I need to make another improvement.  After three attempts, I had perfected it and this is my final.

004   003

I added pockets and an elastic band instead of the button to see how it would work.  I also made one for my daughter’s Nook.  I couldn’t keep making them for others and not one for her.


I will be spending some time soon making covers for members of my book club and maybe anyone else who wants to order them.


001  002

004  005

I haven’t quite figured out what to charge for them yet, but it won’t be $60.  I couldn’t do that to someone else.  They will just have to know that I will be picking the fabric (based upon their description of what colors they like) and it may not be a rush job if I have my mom/wife/business owner stuff going on.

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