What’s a Chifferobe? Part I

I’ve been looking for a dresser for the Baby Doll’s room since before we moved.  I didn’t know what I was looking for, I just knew that I would know when I saw it.  I wasn’t being picky either – I looked in the new and thrift stores for this piece, I just couldn’t find it.

Last week, my man was out of town on business and my thrift store partner (my mother) called on my day off and said “I’ll meet you at the Goodwill Outlet if you have the time today.”  If I have the time?  Really people…if I didn’t have the time, I was going to make the time.  Imagine our disappointment to find that there was nothing worth getting at our FAVORITE thrift hangout.  Sad smile  A lightbulb when off in mom’s head and she said let’s hit the Salvation Army  next.  I was so glad we didn’t give up.

We walked in and saw some really great stuff, but horror of horrors they were asking regular store prices for it.  We started raising a stink and soon ended up talking to the manager on duty, Raymond.  While my mother continued to explain to Raymond the reasons why most people come to thrift stores (because they are looking for a great deal and can’t afford to spend regular department store prices and not because they were on the hunt for a diamond like us), I headed to the back of the store to see what I could see.  I found a headboard and a really neat table that had some potential to go in the entry-way.  I had mother bring Raymond back and we began negotiating.  I had made a deal both pieces for $30.  I still had some more searching to do, I was feeling dresser lucky when I spotted this dresser that had some great potential but was hidden between to entertainment centers.  As I tried to navigate my way in between the entertainment centers my mothers exclaims loudly, “Oh My God…It’s a chifferobe!  I had one of these when I was growing up”  My navigation halted and I went back to see what the excitement was all about.  At the same time a gentleman starts heading over to her as well.  There was no price tag, so we began calling for Raymond again.  No answer….Mother went to find him and the gentleman hung around behind me, I guess in hopes that I would walk away.  Not going to happen buddy.  And I told him as much.  We negotiated a new deal for the chifferobe only for $37.50.  I acted disappointed but was truly on cloud nine.  I was seeing the transformation in my head.  It was the one.

My Baby Doll was not impressed, she actually said, “It’s ugly”. Oh yea of little faith. Have I every left her with ugly?

When I told some people about my find, they asked “What’s a chifferobe?” Most thought it was an armoire. Nope, negatory, unh unh.  An armoire has two doors and drawers on the bottom. They are most often used to house tv’s and maybe some extras. A chifferobe has a dresser side and a tall cabinet side for hanging clothes.


(This is a picture of the before…If you look through the pass-thru on the right, you can see a little of my ugly kitchen cabinets…who picks brass door pulls in the year 20-anything?)

I’m thinking high gloss black, diamond-like knobs, purple felt-lined drawers, and some type of fabric or wallpaper for the inside of the wardrobe portion.  I’ll post the transformation next time.

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