A Place To Rest My Feet

Well I finally got it finished!  A place to rest my wearies.  A place to put up the dogs.  A place to chillaxe.  A place to rest my feet.  I finally finished my ottoman.

I started working on my ottoman a couple of weeks ago, but finally finished it on Sunday.  What took me so long to finish something so simple you may ask?  Well I’ll tell ya.  It started with me deciding to make a complicated fabric pattern for the top of the ottoman from extra fabric that I had around.  It involved my sewing pieces together that were cut into a particular pattern.  I was doing pretty good until my children,

aka my Baby Doll


and miz Sasha Fierce


started harassing me and each other (in my craft room/office-no less…I mean really, no respect for the zen that is in my space).  So I stopped sewing, ushered everyone out, and closed the door.  Two weeks later, my intricate pattern still was not finished and I still had no place to rest my feet.

Last weekend while shopping at Hobby Lobby for the Baby Dolls knobs and such to complete her chifferobe (I will post about this soon..trust me it is a winner), I decided to head over to the fabric department to see what I can see.  I found this beautiful fabric on the clearance rack for $3/yard.  I bought a yard.  Sunday I went into my room with the staple gun in hand and got-her done.  I really love the pattern on the fabric, it’s reminiscent of the scrolls that are on my desk and the colors really tie-in to the craft table.


Now I have a place to rest my feet when I take a seat in my comfy chair and read.


I just have to find a way to keep people out and the peace in.

Of course now that I have my snazzy ottoman, I now feel the need to recover the chair in something equally fab.  I’ll keep my eyes open for the fabric that makes my heart sing.

Do you think it’s too tall?


I debated cutting the legs down some, but the jigsaw has been “misplaced” during the move.


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