Lawn & Patio

As I’ve may have mentioned before our back yard is a blank canvas.



We entertain quite a bit and our previous home had the backyard that allowed for all of our outdoor entertaining needs.  One of the first “projects” that we have set is to get something going with the landscaping and backyard portion of our home.

A couple of weekends ago The Lawn and Patio Show came to our town.  WooHoo! Smile  The family packed up and headed out (camera in hand).  So many pretty flowers and trees.  So many pretty flowers and trees.





I don’t know about anyone else, but I love, love, love Hydrangeas.  I want about 10 bushes in my backyard, but I’ve heard their hard to grow.  Sad smile


We will soon have a wonderful fence put up.  We’ve never had a fence before, just liked the open feel you get from not having a fence.  But now we live on a corner lot, so decided to go with a wrought iron fence (actually it’s aluminum – you get the same look without the possibility of rust or the high cost).  Once we have our fence in place we’ll have the front yard landscaping done and then move on to the patio and deck.  We’re still trying to figure out what to do.  Here are a few options…


We definitely want some type of pergola or way to provide shade.


We have space for something this grand.


Definitely want a space to have a seat.  And since we are definitely getting concrete, I’ve been checking out different ways to keep it from looking so bland.  I’m loving this…


Yep, that’s stamped concrete.  How about something like this for a pathway option?


I couldn’t my post without a shot of the baby doll in all of her perfect posing beauty.  She came up with that pose herself.  Can you tell why I call her baby doll?


If you have any great ideas for landscaping or patio décor, I’d love to hear about it.


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