House Hunting…Horrors

I was just lamenting with a coworker today about how busy our lives have been.  He just moved into his new place yesterday and I asked why he decided to move during the middle of the week.  His response was that his weekends have been so busy that it was only feasible to move during the week. I told him the same could be said for our family the entire month of September.  October… has been a lot less travelly.  (Is that a word? :))

Because of this we have actually had time to do some house hunting.  We have looked at houses for about 6 months.  We even considered custom building just because we were finding it difficult to find the house that we wanted at our price point without needing to make adjustments/upgrades later.  You see, we’ve made some upgrades to our home (hardwood floors throughout, new stairs and railings, upgraded moldings, upgraded bathrooms, and new kitchen floors and back splash) and when we started looking at homes in the location we want to live in, in our price point (which isn’t a small price point) we were finding that we would need to come into the house and spend more money to make at least the same upgrades to the home that we have in our home.

So we finally decided to change our price point so that if we need to do upgrades (which we most likely will do) we can do them and not be stressed about finances.   After making that decision, we hit the house hunting road running and have seen some really nice homes.  We’ve also seen some homes that have left us depressed (if you want to sell a house people it should really be cleaned up.), and we’ve seen some homes that have scared us.  Through it all there have been a couple of houses that we’ve actually liked enough to consider and we’ve considered them.  The problem is that we are currently living in a buyers market and there are people OUT here buying.  They are looking at the same houses that we are looking at and unfortunately they can see a diamond in the rough just like we can.  We have been bidded out of one possibility.  We waited five days to hear that we had lost out on the deal.  I tell you folks when you really find something that you want, it can be rough playing the waiting game.  There are new possibilities that we are looking into that hopefully pan out.  I will keep everyone posted.  My hope is that we will be in a new home before the end of the year.

In the meantime, I would love to hear that I’m not the only one that has lived through house hunting horrors.  Tell me your stories…it may keep my mind off the waiting.

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