A Good Home-Cooked Meal


After being on vacation for close to two weeks I have to say that I’m completely burnt out on eating out.  Don’t get me wrong we had some really good food while we were away, but after a time you just get to a point where you just don’t want to eat at another restaurant.  It had gotten so bad for us that we had planned our Sunday dinner for this week on Saturday the week before.  I had already cooked dinner during the week (except for Monday, because we were still on vacation), but I felt that the weekend would really be the start of my home-cooked meal cooking spree.  Friday we had Shrimp Quesadillas with Tomato and Corn Salad.  Oh my did I love that Tomato & Corn Salad. 

The salad was made of fresh corn that was cut off the cob and sauted with red bell peppers , chopped garlic, and onion

then combined with tomatoes that had been chopped and seeded, olive oil, 


 and lime juice. 

The quesadillas were made with shrimp that I seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, and little red pepper.  I sautéed some more red bell peppers and onion in a very hot skillet with only a little oil.  I then quick-cooked the shrimp and set the to the side.  I wiped out the skillet (I was using my cast iron skillet and put the quesadillas together in a dry skillet (layer of cheese then onion and peppers, shrimp and then more cheese.

I added a strawberry Marguerita and that was a satisfying dinner on Friday night. 

Because I had to make a caramel cake for someone and start on the dessert for Sunday, Saturday was a really easy meal of fried catfish with fries and some more of the awesome corn salsa.

My oldest brother and his girlfriend stopped by and we made a couple of pitchers of Margueritas to go along with dinner.  They were really good. 🙂

Sunday was our southern cuisine day that had us eating mustard/collard greens, fried corn, candied yams, corn bread, and roasted chicken.

My youngest brother came by with his family and he was overjoyed to hear that I had made greens.  He had a plate while he was visiting and also took some home.  For dessert I made what my oldest brother calls “fusion cheesecake”.  It’s when I take a cake that I love to eat and add the appropriate flavored cheesecake to go along with it.  I got this idea one day when I was at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and wanted some chocolate cake and cheesecake, but didn’t want a chocolate cheesecake.  I went home and thought about it and the next week I had made my first “fusion”.  That was about seven years ago.  Since then I’ve made fusions of lemon, strawberry, red velvet, and this past weekend carrot.  I didn’t do alot of garnishing for this picture because honestly the cake is soooo good, I couldn’t place any garnishment on it.  To me it tasted like perfection and so I couldn’t add anything else.  I’m sorry. 😦

That was my weekend meals.  I ended my weekend of cooking and baking my making a fruit tart for my bookclub.  I usually make the “snack” for our meeting.  The meeting is tomorrow and since I have to work tomorrow, I wouldn’t have time to make anything before the meeting if I didn’t do it today.  

Just a brag moment…of all of the pictures in this blog I only “touched-upped” one.  Can you tell which one?

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