Another project


I promised myself and husband that I would not start anymore major DIY projects (namely refurbing another piece of furniture) until after we found and house and moved.  I’ve been trudging along with the items that we currently have in the house (and some that are in storage) trying to find a way to make more space and become more organized in a locale that is short on what else…SPACE. 

About a year ago, I had this brilliant idea that I was going to do away with the baby dolls dresser and make her a complete modular wall that housed a desk and colorful bins to store clothes, smaller toys, electronics, art supplies, and whatever else my six-year-old was collecting at the time.  In my mind it had the look of something like this, with the bed being replaced with more cubes and the bins being shades of pink, blue, and purple.

When the baby doll and I moved into our apartment, I began the process of making this modular unit and it seemed to be doing well.  I was waiting for another piece to go on sale at Target (I think I’ve stated numerous times about he IMPORTANCE of things being on sale in my world), so I only had to units.  That was okay, because she had plenty of room for all of her things and there was a level of organization that we both were happy with. 

However….when we came back to the house, her room became a little smaller than the one in the apartment (how is this possible you say…let me repeat we need a bigger house) and storage AND space became a HUGE issue.  As much as I have tried to bring everything that was in her room in the apartment back into her room in the house, a month later, there are still items in the garage waiting for me to find a place for them.    Stan has said numerous times,  ‘she just needs a dresser man’ and after much resisting I have finally concurred. I’m giving up my dream of the wonderfully organized and beautiful mod-unit and I’m caving in to get te dresser. 

Now I don’t know about you but I have a special time in the day where I talk with God and most of inspiration comes during this time (or should I say I allow myself to be open to hear what God has to say to me).  This time is usually when I’m in the shower or standing over the sink washing dishes.  The realization about the baby doll’s dresser came, you guessed it, in the shower.  What’s the vision an antique white dresser with drawers that are painted hues of soft pink and lavender.  I see beautiful knobs that have been purchased at either Hobby Lobby or World Market.  Lets all just close our eyes and picture…sigh of the beauty that we see.  Then we open them and bounce up and down with excitement of the prospect of a new project.  I have this rush of adrenaline folks…I’m on the hunt.  What am I hunting for?  That discarded dresser that someone did not see the hidden beauty in…that piece that may be a little scratched and battered and bruised waiting to be hauled in the back of my Ford Escape and placed in some carved out area of the garage to be sanded and primed and painted to become…..

  or    or even

My vision has yet to be realized, but I sure am excited about the possibilities.  Wish me luck everyone.  Goodwill here I come!!

Oh yeah….I will of course keep everyone appraised of my progress and I’m sure to post the process.

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