To tweet or not to tweet…


In my quest to build up my business and my blog I have done some research into what forms of social media will boost my endeavors.  I have a Facebook account, but I have to admit I’m not good about updating my page.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I have a job…and I don’t want it to get back to my superiors that I’m posting on Facebook during work hours.  When I get home, being a mommy and wife take over and it becomes nonstop until I go to bed and lately I crash-and-burn when I hit the bed. 

Anywho…my research has reveled that Twitter is a good way to garner more interest.  REALLY!!!  From everything that I’ve heard about Twitter, it seems as if it requires more time and energy than Facebook.  I don’t have more time!  I’m trying to find time to do all the things that I have to do now.  So I’ve been debating for about a month about joining Twitter.  Two of my nieces have joined and have asked people to follow them.  It’s bad enough I’m trying to get people to follow the blog, now I have to ask them to follow my tweets too? 😦

The question arises…to tweet or not to tweet?  After much deliberation and going back and forth, I’ve decided to tweet.  This is something that I will actively work on for a 90 day trial.  If I don’t acquire a decent amount of followers in that time, I’m going to forget about it and take back my precious tweet taken minutes and use them for something more useful – like thinking up a new recipe for a new dessert or try to find out how to repurpose a piece of furniture. 

Alright everyone follow me on Twitter at: :p

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