Is it really helping?


Every Saturday I get up at o’dark-thirty to go grocery shopping as early as possible so that I can get back home and finish the day with whatever errands need doing.  This weekend in particular I really wanted to get going and get back home because last weekend Stan and I made the great escape to Chicago while the baby doll spent the weekend with her cousins, so we got NOTHING done.  This weekend I really wanted to get the closet, and more specifically my shoes, organized.  We decided to do away with dressers, but have not gotten a closet system, because we are going to move soon and why install a closet system if we can’t use it.  (I know I know it will be great for the next person but have you priced closet systems?!  We’re trying to save up for a house people. :))

I woke up a little later than usual and then didn’t get up right away (it was around 6:30 am), so I guess it’s my fault that Stan woke up and stated that he wanted to go to the store with me.  Don’t get me wrong everyone….I love my husband and really appreciate that he wanted to come and help; however, our views on grocery shopping are VERY different.  I take on grocery shopping like it’s a mini battle.  It’s me against the price of groceries; and I have a grocery list, my coupon book, and a determination to spend as little time and money as possible.  Stan thinks of it as a time to see what’s out there…we can get there when we get there and who cares if it’s on the list or not – it might be good to try.

So we got up, got dressed and the baby doll stated loudly and quite often that she didn’t want to go with us “because it’s boring”.  We dropped her off at her cousins (they started calling us the night before to get her to come over).  Of course Stan didn’t want to get go to the grocery store without having breakfast and there was no place near where we were that had good breakfast.  So at 9:30 am my plans for the morning had completely changed and it seemed if I was just along for the ride.  

In addition to the grocery store we needed to go to the hardware store to get brackets to hang the televisions in Kristian’s room and the den, we needed to go to Target to get storage containers and possibly a set of the Closet Maid cubicles for Kristians room and our closet, and Hobby Lobby to get the paper needed to start on Kristian’s birthday invitations.  In my mind I had the whole trip mapped out and when I presented this to my husband he agreed that it sounded like a great plan.  Did I say that with the “need” to have breakfast, my plans went caput. 😦  We had a decent breakfast at Le Peep’s (I love their Battered French Toast) then headed further up north to our myriad of stores. 

I think the highlight of the day was when we went to Hobby Lobby. 🙂  I found a great tall, glass jar/vase to put the “flowers” we had for the newly reno’d bathroom.  Plus it was half off and I only paid $11 for it.  Stan said he was going to install the toilet today, so hopefully I will post pictures tomorrow if it gets done. 

When we finally made it to the grocery store, it was 3 pm. The store was packed and of course game one of the Bulls / Pacers playoff series had started so Stan wasn’t really enthused about grocery shopping.  I told him to get his petunia in gear and get to shopping.  He programmed his iPhone to give him up to the second updates and proceeded to follow me at a leisurely pace throughout the store. 

When we got to the grocery section he found that there were samples aplenty so he perked up a little.  I think I mentioned that he has a tendency to pick up stuff that he thinks might be good to try and with all of the samples floating around, I just was cringing with anticipation.  I did end up with a few things not on the list (two bags of Doritos, Kettle Chips, stuff to make smoothies, Spinach dip – from one of the samples, extra juice, soda – he promises this is his last week to drink it, I know there’s something else I just can’t remember it).   

All-in-all it could have been a lot worse, but I tell you, I was exhausted when we finally made it home.  I know that I do a lot more running around typically, but for whatever reason when I got home I HAD to take a nap.  I barely got the groceries put away (he helped bring them in, but got busy when it was time to put them away) before I went upstairs to lay down.  

The rest of the evening was a blur…I told Stan and Kristian I really didn’t care what they did.  (I know it wasn’t motherly/wifely of me, but come on – it seemed like the change in plans caused my energy level to deplete like a balloon.  Tell me I’m not the only one this has happened to.  Should I be more grateful of his “help”?

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