Construction blues…

We moved back into the house this weekend (I will post about that horror movie later), but in addition to the chaos of moving, we had to contend with the mess of construction.  What construction might you ask?  Well I’ll tell you.  We are looking for a new home and want to lease out our home when we move; but there are some repairs/updates that need to be done.  The bathrooms had to be done and the kitchen floor was going to be replaced (the worst white tile EVER was on the floor that HAD to be removed). 

The master bath has been started (still need to put the toilet in) and it looks fabulous…we love the shower.

Using a squeegie to clean the glass currently.
The whiter bowl is the one we are going to go with.

 And last week the kitchen floor and backsplash were done.  A HUGE note about the kitchen floor…that ugly white tile had to be removed and my husband did the demo.  If you’ve ever had to remove tile, you know that you also have to remove the mortar.  Contrary to what you have seen on DIY or HGTV it is not an easy process if you have that mini jack hammer thingy.  I kept telling my husband that and he kept saying I know that but it’s not working. 😦 So he thought it would be a good idea to rent a sander to sand down the mortar.  The entire house is now filled with dust that has penetrated even closed cabinets.  We have been removing dust from the house for almost two weeks and I don’t see an end to it.  

This is how the dust has settled over almost EVERYTHING.

 That’s problem number 1.  All the work in the kitchen has seriously messed up the paint on the walls and doors in the kitchen; requiring us to repaint the walls and I have no idea how I’m going to get the mortar off the pantry door.  That’s problem number 2.  When we remodeled the kitchen back in 2002 we decided on a lot of white in the kitchen (won’t do that again) that also included a caste iron white sink.  My uncle told me that I didn’t want that sink, he said “You better get the stainless steel.  You’ll regret it.”  I didn’t believe him but I can say today that I regret it.  So we’re switching the sink to stainless steel.  The new sink didn’t fit too well and when Stan went to tighten the hot water valve it broke off! 😦 That was Sunday evening and we had to move everything else out of the apartment on Monday and Stan had to do a job yesterday afternoon.  We went to the hardware store and got the supplies necessary to repair the valve, but my hubby didn’t get to it because time just got away from us.  What does that mean?  We didn’t have consistent water downstairs for about two  days, (oh did I mention that the downstairs bath has been dismantled because it was part of the tile redo?).  That’s problem number 3.   After Stan completed the sink job, he promised that he would NEVER do that type of work again…the headache and “minor problems” that kept popping up were too much for him.

So we couple moving back into the house and LOTS of construction and leaves Lonnita a very sad and frustrated girl.  Just look at the clutter that I’m really going to tackle this weekend.

I haven’t cleaned or organized the way I want to…but that will end this weekend.  I need to get some headway done so that we can actually have a cleaning service come in and get me to my place of zen.  Everyone has been telling me not to let it upset me too much, that the destruction is all apart of construction.  The end product is always beautiful and I’m always overjoyed in the end; but it’s just soooooo frustrating.  From this I now know that there is no way to can repeat this process with the new house.  It is something that I can now add to my “don’t budge” column in my house search.

Have you suffered an inconvenience due to construction?  Tell me of your woes.