I’ve found something new…


I was checking out one of my favorite blog sites today, Centsational Girl, and her post for today featured this beautiful armoire from another site – Visual Vocabulary.  Oh my goodness, this thing was beautiful.  I reminded me a little of the armoire that I had refinished last year.  It also gave me an idea how to improve upon it.  I’ve been unhappy with the way the inside looks, but after seeing Jesyka’s armoire I now know what to do.  I will put up pictures once I get it completed. 

Something else I’ve learned from Jesyka’s blog is the concept of an inspiration board”.  I love to entertain and can spend months putting my events together.  I usually accumulate tons of post-it notes and sheets of paper with ideas written on it but I’ve never created a board to place them all on.  I have two events coming up within the next couple of the months that I will need to carefully plan.  With learning about inspiration boards, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t use one to maybe make things a little clearer. 

Kristian’s birthday is in May and my mothers is in June.  I always have a party for my babydoll and I’ve just begun to think about the plans for it.  My mother informed me earlier this week that she would like a party this year and I’ve begun working with my siblings to make sure that this was a success as well.  Folks, I’m about the make up two inspiration boards.  All of these ideas that are stuck in my head dying to get out are about to go on a board.  I will let you guys know how much help they will be and post the pictures of the boards  when I get them done.  In the meantime….take a look at Jesyka’s site; I think you’ll become a fan just as I have.

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