My space


We move back into the house in about two weeks and I am trying to get myself together so that I can pack stuff up.  The problem with this is…how do I determine what to pack up that I won’t need in the next two weeks?  There’s really not much that I have in my apartment that I don’t use on at least a weekly basis. 

Today I finally pulled out some of the dishes that I’ve purchased that I will use for entertaining and wrapped and placed them in a box.  This small amount of items (champagne flutes, teacups and saucers) does not begin to touch the surface of items that I have.  It’s wierd…when I moved into the apartment, there was so much that I didn’t have and we could have packed up our stuff in a couple of cars in one trip.  Mind you it was mostly our clothes and a few pieces of furniture, but we moved it in the apartment in one afternoon. 

Now I’m going to have to place a lot of my items of furniture in storage.  This makes me slightly sad 😦 because I love all of the items of furniture in my home and I don’t want to be parted from them for even a day.  But until we move into our new home (we are still searching for this elusive home), we just don’t have the room to bring my furniture back into the house.  I REFUSE to give one iota of furniture to someone else because been-there-done-that.  It didn’t go well and likes I’ve just stated I LOVE all of the items in my place.  There is a story behind just about everything and if you don’t believe me, take a look at all of the DIY projects on this site and you will see them. 

Don’t get me wrong folks….I’m extremely excited about being back in the same home as my husband.  I think that our time apart has helped us both to grow infinitesimally, but I feel that I will miss some aspects of us being apart.  I remember a conversation that I had with a friend whom had been separated from her husband, that her husband always wanted to be around her and she really missed her time alone.  At the time I thought it was a little odd that she would say that and I wondered if she was “appreciating” that they had reconciled and she had her family back.  Currently I find myself feeling the same way and I haven’t even moved back in yet.  This is my weekend to myself and I love the fact that I can do what I want to do. 

 I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed the need for “me time”.  With the new trend of the “mom cave”, you have to wonder if I’m alone in this need for a space where I can go and just do me.  It’s something that I look for when we’re looking at houses.  I really want a craft room/office/library.  This will be my place to go to scrapbook, read, work…my santuary.  It doesn’t need to be huge, but I feel that it has to be and I don’t think the bathroom will count. 🙂  Do you have a “mom’s cave”?  A place where you can go and have your personal time?  Is it a closet or room?

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