It’s been a week or two…

Hello everyone,

I was looking back and realized I haven’t posted in over two weeks!!!  I then had to think back to why…what has been going on that I haven’t had the time to sit down and jot down a couple of lines about this crazy thing I call life.  I has been hectic and I’ve figured out why.

It started two weeks ago on a Tuesday (my book club Tuesday mind you) when I picked up Kristian from my mom’s and she told me that Kristian said she was really tired.  I didn’t think anything of it, I knew that she had had a very busy weekend so I figured it was residual from then.  I got us home and started on dinner and trying to get it done asap because, again, it was book club Tuesday and I didn’t want us to be later than I knew we were going to be.  I got dinner ready and had everything packed up (I had made a smaller version of my nine-layer Neapolitan cake – only five layers in a 6-inch cake) and went to tell Kristian to get ready to go and she was sleep.  I mean really sleep.  I knew that book club was out and made the call.  A few hours later, Kristian woke and said she wanted to take a bath and afterwards she promptly fell back to sleep.  Stan was going to stay the night because I had two days of training that required me to be at work by 8 and school doesn’t start until 8:10 so I needed someone to get baby doll to school.  Fast forward to the next morning when I got Kristian dressed and ready for school and she just broke down into tears and said she just couldn’t do it.  She had a stomach and head ache and she was completely congested (she has had this congestion going on for a minute but the doctor had said that it was probably allergies).  On Wednesdays, Stan is usually in meeting all day and I had training. 😮 what to do.  I had to call my mother and ask her to keep Kristian and to make matters worse I had to ask my mother to take her to the doctor too.  If I’ve never said it before my mother is the biggest advocate for mothers being at home with their babies if they can help it – it is our jobs as mothers to take care of our kids.  If you have to work you should be working during the times when your babies are in school.  And if your baby is sick then you need to be at home with them.  I whole heartedly believe this also and I’m a contractor because I need to have a very flexible schedule.  However, this was not a flexible time.  I had training.  My mother was very helpful and did not say anything about the situation.  Kristian had a cold and some very swollen tonsils and get this–those really big tonsil might be indicative of a need to have them removed.  WHAT!!!  Doctor Jim asked my mom if Kristian was a snorer.  Of course…Kristian has been snoring all her life.  We’ve always thought it was cute that my little baby doll snored like an old fat man.  Apparently this is something doctors look at when determing if tonsils need to be removed (six cases of strep in a year is another).  I couldn’t believe it.  I had that on my mind in addition to a sick babydoll who stayed sick for the remainder of the week and on through the weekend.  There was some humor in the situation in that Kristian was concerned about her tonsils being removed.  She asked me if they took out her tonsils would it keep her from growing.  Where she comes up with this stuff I don’t know.   As a side note, I have to say that I LOVE my peditrician.  Doctor Jim is the best.  We ran into him at the grocery store on Saturday morning and he explained everything to me that he had discussed with my mother when she took Kristian to the doctor.  I had planned to call him on Monday to get the 411, but he took the time out of his grocery shopping time and talked to me about my daughter without the aid of a chart or anything.  I felt bad about even discussing it with him, but he was like it was no big deal.  It’s just awesome when you have great people in your camp.

Saturday Kristian woke up and said she felt much better (I found out later that day that was just an illusion) and so we went to see Mars Needs Moms.  Stan joined us.  I brought a fruit punch drink that I had been saving forever.  I was so looking forward to drinking it and the movie was the perfect place.  Before I could even take a drink, Stan had opened it and taking several swigs.  I didn’t get upset, I just asked, “Are you sick?”  If you recall Stan and Kristian had had me sick for  over two months during the holidays as they passed their germs to me every couple of weeks.  I was not going to be sick again so I had been very cautious about sharing too many of any type of fluids with either of them.  It had gotten down to minimal displays of affection to them just because I was so paranoid of getting sick again.  Stan was affronted by “accusation” but I still felt leery about kissing him goodbye and only did the cheek kiss.  Boy am I glad I did.  A few hours later he calls and says, “I’m going down man.”  WHAT!!!  He then calls me a few more hours later and announces that he has strep.  I have the worst set of tonsils out there….they have pockets that grab and hold infection, food–they’re awful.  Unfortunately, doctors do not like to remove tonsils from adults; so I’m stuck with them.  Because they are not so hot, a sore throat to me feels like what most people feel when they have strep.  I would much rather have a really bad case of the flu then be subjected to one day with a sore throat.  I lose my voice at least three times a year and it usually happens after I have one day with a sore throat.  So imagine my horror when my husband announces that he has strep and I recall sharing my coveted fruit punch with him.  😮  Praise the Lord folks…I did not get strep.  I was praying and pleading the blood over my throat.  I’m happy to say I’m still strep free and it’s been two weeks. 

Now last week was another busy week – a couple of days at ETF at work (environmental testing), choir, ballet, cheerleading started, and Kristian received two awards at school on Friday (Integrity and Grade Improvement) .  I’m starting to pack for the move or maybe I should say I’m thinking about what I won’t be using during the next two weeks so that I can pack them up.  I need to really get on the ball this week.  I’m going to get something packed and try to find a storage facility.  Wish me luck guys.

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