New addition

Everyone that knows me knows that I love to bake.  Every Sunday I make a dessert for the week.  It is usually something that is thought of with great consideration.  Inspiration can come from something as simple as seeing an ingredient on tv or hearing someone talk about something they ate or my mother will give me a request of something she thought up.  My family and friends will call me and ask “What’d you make sweet this week?” 

Because I make these sometimes awesome dessert and sometimes pretty humdrum desserts every Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to post those desserts on my business website.  By doing this I get a chance to showcase some of the desserts that I make that aren’t necessarily listed on the website, but are still available for purchase.

This week I made Lemon Cranberry Pound Cake. 

By mid-week, there is only 1/4 of the cake left; so I’m thinking it must have been really good.  Kristian has been saying that it is the best thing ever and even requested some for to be placed in her lunch box instead of the Chips Ahoy for dessert, and my ego has gotten its boost for the week.  I took a few shots (on my blue willow china that I found at Goodwill for a steal) 🙂 and created the new area on the website. 

It’s called “What’s For Dessert This Week” and it will feature the dessert that was made this week as well as what was made last week.  My hope is that someone will see something on the website and feel the need to put in an order.  Also I can pass on the word to family and friends that instead of asking, they can just go to the website and see for themselves. 

Does anyone else have any website suggestions?  Maybe a dessert idea..

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