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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love makeup.  I get excited when I go into the MAC store.  I have to control myself…I can really lose control if I don’t know exactly what I’m going in the store for.  I typically go to the website a day or so before I know I’m going in there and try to make up my mind what I want ahead of time so that I don’t walk in and get caught up with all the pretty colors. 

One of the reasons I love MAC cosmetics so much is because they are heavily pigmented.  What does “heavy pigmented” mean you ask?  Let’s see…have you ever bought some makeup and when you go to put it on, you can barely see it?  That’s makeup does not have a lot of pigment in it.  When there is not a lot of pigment you can’t see the color that you actually purchased, it’s some shade lighter than what you see. 

MAC is not the only brand that is full of pigment, I have a few other brands out there that I also buy: Hard Candy (it can be found at Wal-mart) and there is a brand that you can find at beauty supply stores (not the chain stores like Sally’s or CosmoProf, but the neighborhood stores – the asian run stores) called Kleancolor.  I have also bought some cosmetics online if the deal is great.  (You know how I love a bargain).

The things that really get me going are eye shadows and lipsticks/glosses.  I’m not a pro at applying eye shadow, but I think I’m pretty good.  I love to coordinate my eyes with my outfits.  Since I now have to wear glasses, I really have to make sure that my eyes pop (that might be another reason why I want heavy pigmented makeup).  I carry all of my lipsticks/glosses with me in my makeup bag in my purse.  After I kiss my kid and husband and have a cup or two of tea, then I choose my lip color for the day. 

I want to share with you guys a few pictures of my makeup case. 


I don’t have my makeup in a drawer or on the countertop like most women.  I keep it in the case because when I travel, I take my case with me.   Another reason I keep it in the case because I have this elaborate exit plan in my mind in case of any emergency.  Grabbing my kid, some important must have shoes, and my makeup case are part of the grab in an emergency evacuation.  When I tell people about my plan, they always laugh at the “ridiculousness” of it all. 

  Anyway, back to the make-up.  I really wanted to make a video of myself applying my makeup one morning, but I am without a video camera and I cannot figure out how to record video on my camera.  I’ll pull out my owner’s manual tonight and try to figure it out.  But I will tell you some of the things that I find are essential to anyone’s makeup case. 

1)      Good brushes.         It is good to have a good foundation brush, blending brush, compact shadow brush, blush brush, and loose shadow brush.  Any other brushes you get are bonuses.  Now when I say you need a good brush it does not mean that you have to spend tons of money on your brushes.  I have brushes from MAC and some from Dollar General Store, the E.L.F brand.  I use both brands on a daily basis.  There are also some good brushes that can be found at Target.    

2)      Eye Primer.  If you want your eye shadow to last all day and the pigment to pop, you want and need an eye primer.  My daughter wants her own eye primer and she’s 6, but she already knows its importance.  Personally, I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  I de-tube it (I learned how on You Tube) so that I can get the most product out of it.  It can be purchased at Sephora. 

3)      A good eyebrow arch.  This is not something that you put into you case, cabinet, or countertop; but you will be amazed how great your finished product (your completed face) will look if you have your eyebrows arched perfectly.  Look at the models and actors.  They have the BEST arch’s out there and it makes their eyes pop.  (That’s my word for this blog…pop).

4)      Good makeup remover wipes.  You don’t want to have crappy complexion because you are not taking the proper measures to take off all of your makeup.  You spend money on water proof eye makeup so you won’t be able to get it off with soap and water.  You can always use the tried and true method of using baby oil on a cotton ball.  I have found this great product at Big Lots that I’ve become addicted to.  It is a cucumber scented makeup remover wipe that is only $1.  I only know of one location that carries it now, but the last time I was purchasing the wipes (after going to two locations to track them down) I bought all that they had in the store (I believe there where nine left).  I gave one to my mom and my sister, but the rest I’m hoarding like they are the last bottle of water on a desert island. I tried some of the pricier brands, but I’ve found these to be just as good, and in some cases better.

5)     This next tip is not an essential, but just something to keep in mind.  Play around with your makeup.  Experiment with what you have to find out what looks good.  Don’t experiment on a day that you need to be somewhere and are on a time crunch.  But take an afternoon or morning when you don’t have anything going on and try a different look.  If you like it keep it in mind for the next time.   

These was my take on makeup and its importance to me.  I’m  not one of those ladies that no one has ever seen without makeup; you will not catch at the gym in makeup, I don’t get up before my husband to put on makeup before he wakes up, and I have been known to walk around with a “nude” face on my days off. 🙂 But in my mind makeup is an all important enhancement.  I have always said, “that you can have on the craziest, bummiest outfit but if your hair and face are beat no one will notice.”  On the same token,  you can have on the most expensive outfit and it will look a hot mess if your hair and face aren’t right.  What’s your take?  What’s your makeup must have?

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  1. Micheline Brandon says:

    I enjoy your blog on make-up. I also enjoy looking at new make up colors. I am trying to get back into putting on make-up. I am know as the make-up queen with my family. I love looking at make-up books and video’s with fun tips.

    1. Lonnita says:

      Thanks… like I said, I have to control myself when I go to the store. I need to buy foundation, but know that it will probably be some more items included with that purchase.

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