Happy New Year!

Happy January 1, 2011 everyone!

I pray that this day finds you and yours happy and healthy and that the following year is full of all your hearts desires as the Lord has ordained. 

How was your New Years Eve?  For me, all week the day  had great promise to be great.  For the first time in over 12 years the Cork family was going to attend a watch night service at our church since my husband has given his life to Christ.  In the past we had always spent the evening together, but had not attended church service because Stan was not in church.  My mother had a strict rule about women/men with unsaved spouses being in church when their spouse was not with them…you don’t do it.  If you aren’t with them on this special day there is always someone out there who is willing to be.  So I spent my New Years Eve with my man and it was usually at home where we would fall asleep at 11:30 and wake up at 12:15 to say “Happy New Year” and then promptly fall back asleep. 🙂 Sad isn’t it?  But this year we had decided to attend the service and then sneak out around 11:30 and bring in the new year at home.  Well folks it didn’t happen. 😦  Stan started out the week with a “tickle” in his throat that he started taking cold medicine for.  I started taking medicine too because the man had been kissing on me all weekend…he was a “carrier” and I just  knew he had “transported” his germs to me with one of those kisses.  By Wednesday he was in full-blown cold and I was starting to feel a cough bubbling out of my chest.  By Friday he was saying that he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t shake it and I was coughing but still feeling like I could make it to church service.  I thought about it, discussed it with a few of my clients (I got up bright and early, 5 am,  to do hair so that I could have the day to be with my family) and decided that it may not be in the best interest of Stan and others around us to put him, the “carrier”, in the presence of others.  So we were staying in.  I fixed some chicken drummettes, potato skins, this awesome spinach & artichoke puffed pastries from Pillsbury (the Savorings), and Stan picked up some shrimp cocktail.  We were AWAKE to bring in the new year, but fell asleep 5 mins later…we both were full of cold meds.

On a side note , our family has decided that we are ready for another dog after grieving over our dear Solomon these past 3 years.  We have made the decision to get a dog this summer when we will have the time and space to work with/train properly.  Kristian takes every opportunity to look at dogs (and some cats too) that she can and really is able to when her and her father go to Uncle Bill’s pet store to get fish for her tank (all of the fish died during a tank cleaning so they are now buying new ones to replace them).  Kristian really wanted to show me the dogs and kittens and kept talking about a family trip to the pet store.  We gave in and made the trip (I first had to go to FedEx to pick up my new phone, the Blackberry Torch, because ATT did not put the apt number on the address and FedEx would not deliver without it. ;\  I love the new phone anyway…I’ll post about the trials of using a touchscreen phone later.).

We all fell in love with a Weimaraner puppy named Brooke.  It was the cutest puppy ever and her temperament and energy level reminded us of our dear Solomon-baby.  The employee that spoke with us about the dog was sooooo knowledgeable.  Way to go Juan at Uncle Bill’s!  It was great to talk with someone who truly knew what he was talking about.  He gave us so much information as well as a lot of things to think about before we get our next dog.  I loved that puppy and I’ll admit that Kristians prodding made for a great puppy love experience.  We thought we were going to get either a “doodle” dog or something that was hypoallergenic and minimal to NO shedding.  But I think we are back to the Weimaraners (we had thought of them but dismissed because of their energy level).  They reminded us so much of Solomon (he was a Brittany) but not an identical match so that we would always compare the two. 

Weimaraner pup


Brittany pup

All and all it was a great New Year’s Eve day….I spent time with the ones I love and was able to bring in 2011 with them as well.  How was your New Year’s Eve? Did you head out or spend a relaxing evening at home?

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