The quest for a new camera

I recently began the search for a new camera.  Who would have thought that trying to find the right camera to purchase would be so difficult.  I currently have a Canon PowerShot “point & shot” that has worked perfectly well over the years that was a gift from my husband after I complained that I was missing so many great shots of my daughter doing the darnest things.  You see, I needed something small that would fit in purse that could be whipped out at a moments notice to capture Kristian at her best.  I also wanted to take pictures of some of my finished products to put on my website.  I was happy with the pictures that I had taken until recently. 

I’m getting a little more into taking pictures.  Stan was always our “real” picture taker and had the expensive butt camera that alway got the job done.  However, lately Stan has not been the picture taker that he had been in the past.  I think he’s gearing up to get some new-fangled piece of expensive equipment that will make my eyes cross at the price, but make him giddy at the prospect of new technology, hence his lack of photography enthusiasm.  Anywho…back to me and my new found interest.

As I began to take more pictures I realized that for every one great picture I was getting three to four duds.  Kristian is currently taking ballet and sings in a youth choir in Inpls and I need to be able to get good shots from a distance if I can’t get front row seats (which is most of the time… 🙂 ).  You can’t imagine how many “great” shots have actually turned out to be crappy, making me want to cry with frustration .'( . Plus my blog pictures aren’t as beautiful as I would like them to be.  Everyone should be able to gaze with awe at all my awesome DIY projects.  Not to mention…I’m building my website without the help from professionals.  I’ve done a pretty good job so far, but I spend an alarming amount of time retaking shots that I KNOW would be “one-takers” if I just had the right camera.

So…here I am researching with the help from my husband, the gadget-king, and the husband of a co-worker who also loves cameras.  Once Stan realized that I was serious about this camera business his enthusiasm has returned and now he is trying to convince me that I need a DSLR that does all of the latest technology (do I need a “wireless” camera really?).  I just want to get great shots and stay within a reasonable budget.  The problem with a DSLR is that the bodies (no lens) typically cost what I want to spend totally.  On a positive note, I think they may give me what I want in picture quality.  I think I’m going to stick with either another Canon or Nikon, both of which I’m familiar with.  Whether I get a “point & shot” or a DSLR I don’t know.  I’m still searching for my dream camera and I promise to keep everyone updated on my quest.   Wish me luck guys.

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