Another great weekend

This past weekend was fabulous!  I attended a womens conference hosted by my church, Overcoming Church, Friday and Saturday.  I have to say that right before the conference things were not going well for me at all.  It just seemed like if it could go wrong it did.  I knew that I was destined to have a great time at the conference because so many things were happening (within hours of each other) to dampen my spirits.  It started Wednesday evening with my cell phone acting “janky”.  It was calling people, then when the phone would ring I couldn’t answer calls, to it just locking up and not allowing my to do anything.  I talked to Stan about it and he suggested that I do a security wipe (I have a Crackberry  Blackberry Bold that I want to upgrade to the new Torch, but I’m not eligiable until mid-December).  I connected it and did a back-up but when I went to do the wipe it wouldn’t let me do it.  I was like “dang-on!”…so I just let it go and charged it for the next day.  The next episode was with a “pin-hole” leak in some pipe in the walls, that caused the carpet in my hallway to become soaked.  I initially thought it was an unattached connection with my washer because there was a small area of the carpet that was wet right behind where the washer and dryer were located.  When I woke the next morning to get ready for work, the small wet area was now a big soaked area.  I had to call maintenance and have them come over asap instead of waiting for the office to open.  You could see the areas on the ceililng where the water was penetrating and hear the water dripping (when I saw and heard that I thought someone upstairs had a leak).  When I went to turn on my phone…the “wipe” happened, but only with the important stuff like my contacts, my calendar, all my text, BBM’s, everything that I need to get me through the day.  AND I DIDN’T FIND THIS OUT UNTIL I WAS IN THE CAR AND COULDN’T DO A RESTORE!  I had to call people from memory…it was awful!  I didn’t know my mothers home number and she didn’t have her cell phone on so I couldn’t call her.  To top it all off…I went to check my bank account because it was payday and I needed to pay rent and my car payment and there was no deposit into my account!  I called the office to get the website for time reporting, checked website to see if everything was cool and it wasn’t. 😦  For whatever reason my time was not reported and I had to do a little fancy footwork to get things corrected.  I really appreciate the hard work that the office did for me.  I did get paid Friday and I got everything paid before it was late.  Seeing the deposit on Friday was the beginning of the upswing to my weekend.

I have made no secret that I love the Lord with all my heart…and this weekend was a celebration of women that love the Lord.  There were so many wonderful and dynamic speakers that truly blessed my soul and I felt wonderfully refreshed and ready to move forward with my Christian walk.  One of my favorite speakers was from Mason, OH – Pastor Darlene Bishop.  This little woman was so powerful.  She not only spoke about walking in faith, but she also spoke of being a good wife to your husband.  Keeping yourself up, keeping your relationship fresh and not being so “sanctified” that your husband can’t stand to be around you.  You can’t always be in “church”, you need to be well rounded as a person.

When I returned home, I took sometime to relax a little before I began working on my latest DIY project.  My beautiful, baby girl came home with a new toy courtesy of her grandfather.  The latest was the “For Real Fur” pet dog.  My baby wants a dog soooo bad, that she will get one one-way-or-another.  It’s a cute little thing that some people have mistaken for a real dog if you don’t look too closely.

I went to work on my DIY project…my wonderful new cabinet that I am making into a buffet for my dining/kitchen area.  I’ve stripped it (there is some spots that still have some of the old color on it that I intentionally left on for character), washed it with the after-strip wash, and sanded it smooth.  Due to the weather being so cool, I didn’t dare take it outside to do any staining, but I did put an initial coat of stain on the drawers and doors.  I left a crack in the door for ventilation and then put it to rest until Monday.

I’m getting ready for the holiday baking season…yes there is a holiday BAKING season in my world; and I wanted to test out my recipes to make sure that there was no tweeking needed.  This weekend I made a sweet potato pie and pecan pie bars.  (Last weekend I made Red Velvet cake and a Red Velvet Cake roll).  Everything passed the test with flavor – the crust on the pecan pie bars fell apart in the pre-bake – but the flavor was great.  Not alot of tweeking is not necessary.  What to make next weekend?

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  1. Jenna says:

    Your womens’ weekend sounds so lovely . . . my church had a womens’ retreat this past February and it was SUCH a time of spiritual refreshment for me. Unfortunately they only do these every year and a half, so I have to wait until next fall for the next getaway.
    Thoughts of your red velvet cake are making my sweet tooth itch–I loooove red velvet. Yum.
    BTW, I love finding fellow believers in the blogging world!

  2. Lonnita says:

    Thanks for the comment…one year our church did not have the conference and I felt so bereft. The next year when they announce their return, my spirit did a dance of joy. It’s always a time of refreshing and renewal.

    My baby is a lover of cake; chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet are her favs (her go-to sweet besides fruit) and since I love to bake it’s a win-win situation. I hope to post pics as I post.

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