More projects

So I’ve been looking for a night table for my bedroom for a while now, but wasn’t actually looking if you catch my drift.  If I happened t stumble across something that worked for me…great; if not I’m okay with that too.  Well last week my mother asked me to go to the Salvation Army with her to look for some things to decorate my grandmothers room with.  My grandmother has Alzhiemers, a nasty disease, and is currently living in a nursing home (after living with my parents for a year and darn near driving my parents insane with fatigue – mental and physical; as I said before…a nasty disease).  In one of my grandmothers moments of clarity, she asked that my mother decorate her room like another residents.  She went to show my mother the room that she liked, but couldn’t remember which room it was.  Anyway…my mother has asked my assistant in decorating her room, hence the need to go to Salvation Army to see what we could find. 

I didn’t have any extra funds because I had just paid the rent and car payment and a few other bills.  I’m always nervous going into any store when I’m broke because I always find something.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Sure enough as soon as we drive up I start seeing stuff.  I stayed away from the furniture outside although I saw four pieces that had great potential.  We walked inside of the store and there it was…this metal table.  There should have been a glass top with it, but it was missing it; and it was only $4.  It was just as well…I can’t stand glass tables.  The potential was there and for $4 I couldn’t pass it up.  Plus my mother was all about helping me out…I mean what’s $4 on a great furniture rehab. 

My Salvation Army find

I got the table, this awesome wipe board calendar which will work great in my soon to be started office rehab for $1.50, a beautiful gold picture frame for $1 and multiple pictures in great frames that will be awesome decorations for my grandmothers room.  We had about 9 pictures, two of the wipe boards (one for me and one for my mother), the table and the frame for $18.  The Salvation Army was having a half price sale that day.

My bedroom is decorated in shades of gold, black and blue.  I decided to paint the main base of the table a muted gold and had a piece of birch cut to fit the top.  I’m not too satisfied with the top design, but I’m using spray paint so I had to use tape to make the design.  OH…and when I went to remove the tape, it peeled of some of the black!  Luckily I had some black touch up paint to fix it.  I isn’t as smooth as I would like it, but I’m happy with the final result. 

Now honestly folk…I will post stuff other than my decorating projects I promise.  I’ll explain the whole website domain theft thing tomorrow.

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