Delayed reaction

I’m extremely tired…only had about 8 hours of sleep over the last 48 so I’m going to make this quick.  This story was just too precious not to pass on and I had to get it out of my head before I forgot each detail.
Ok…my daughter has had this loose tooth for about a month.  The new tooth has already started growing in behind the baby tooth, but this tooth just didn’t want to come out no matter how much my daughter messed with it (and believe me, she has been messing with it alot; it seem like I’ve been saying “get your hands out your mouth” so long I could’ve made money from the recording).  Anywho…today she began complaining that it was hurting her and in my mind that seemed like it was really ready to come out.  I called my go-to gal, Mommy, to ask her advice about the situation because my mother worked as a dental assistant for about 25 years (she is now an awesome Christian Life Coach – her website is:…  I think Thinking smile).  Mom confirmed my assumption and told me that I needed to get some gloves so that I could get a good grip on it.  I didn’t have any gloves at my place, but she did so I thought since she has had experience in this, she would be the perfect person to remove that blasted tooth.  Well, Granna was having none of that and told me before I even had the chance to ask her, “I can’t do it to my grandbaby.”  Really Mommy. Sad smile
Fast forward to after a series of errands, a very long kids birthday party at Incredible Pizza and that dang tooth is still sticking.  I was invited to my parents for fried fish and wine and since I’m way too tired to prepare anything for myself, I jumped at the invitation.  When we got to my parents place, my mother asked if the tooth had been removed and Kristian said nope.  My dad checked out the tooth and felt that it was still too attached, but my mother had already gotten the gloves and some Orajel to numb the area.   My mother reverts back to her dental days and gets that tooth out with no problem.  Now the title of this blog is “Delayed reation” and here is where it makes sense.  My mother pulls out the tooth with a “there it is” rubs some extra Orajel on the area for additional numbing.  It is at this time that Kristian sees the blood on the Q-tip and begins to bawl like she has just had an arm removed.  The tooth had been out of her mouth for more than 30 seconds and she was perfectly fine with it until she saw the blood on the Q-tip.  Then it was “OH MY it hurts so bad. I want my mommy. Momma I want you cause it hurts.”  The tears and slobber and snot were at an all time high and all I could think was don’t laugh and OH MY GOD the child is letting blood get on her cream colored shirt! (which reminds me…I need to put some Tide stain remover on that shirt. Thinking smile)
If I’ve never said it before, I’ll say it now: my baby is a drama queen of gargantuan porportions.  Of course this was her first lost tooth, so a little drama is exceptable.  Good night everyone…I’m going to pretend that I’m going to bed; but I’m a mother…I’lll prattle around for another two hours then pass out and wake up again around midnight to stare at the clock. 

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