It’s My Birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MMMEEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  I’m 38 today and very, very happy to be here.  I can honestly say that I am happy to be my age, to be at this point in my life.  It may not be all that I thought it would be, but it is what it is and God has blessed me to have a positive attitude about it.  I’m about to go to work…a little early because Kristian stayed with her dad last night and I had some time to write a quick blog.  I’m going to post another blog in a little bit, one that has some more pictures of my furniture and discriptions of how I worked it. 
I’ll give this word of advice…alot of people look at their birthdays as sad things…times when they are getting older and regretting their youth…I feel that you should look at your birthdays as another year of wisdom gained.  When you look back on your life you need to see how you have improved.  Love your life and every year, every day that you have, if it isn’t what you want it to be then get out there and change it.  Even if it doesn’t immediately become what you want it to be, you should gain some satisfaction from the journey.  I don’t think I want to ever go back to my youthful days (I don’t know about you, but I was crazy, reckless, selfish, and alot of the times stupid).  I’m glad I waited to have Kristian until I was in my 30’s, God only knows what that child would have gone through with that person for a mother.
Enough philosophy….IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Go out and have a glass of wine in toast to me.  I’ll be doing the same after work.  (I still have to cook for Kristian today, but I’m supermom…I can do that. Wink

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