Where have I been

This morning I am going to try to post a quick entry that will probably get a lot longer later.  Where have I been?   Trying to re-establish a new household.  Yes….I have seperated from my husband way back in February.  I had determined not to put alot of my family live in my blogs so I haven’t posted much during this new setup.  Stan and I are taking a break.  I don’t know what that will mean a year from now, but for now I am just taking care of Kristian and decorating our apartment.  This has been very exciting if not very financially draining.  I get my most frustrated when I realize what could be done with all of the money I have spent on furniture over the past three months.  Kristian has adjusted wonderfully.  She has taken this alot better than her parents which is a testiment to the resilience of my kid.  Her only hang-up has been when she was told that she may not be able to go to her school next year.  I have visited other schools and looked at the schools online and I am currently praying that the Lord opens up a way for me to get my kid back at her school.  The alternatives just are nowhere near what she has been exposed to and I feel it will be the greatest disservice to Kristian and all of the money, time, and effort that we her parents have put into her thus far.  I know she is only going to the first grade, but looking at some of the work that the "gifted" 1st graders are doing at the other school at the end of the year; Kristian is doing now and has been since the beginning of the semester.  Pray for my success in getting her back at St. Richards next year.
Yesterday my oldest niece graduated from high School.  GO YADDY!!!!  I have put a video of my girl walking across the stage in my photos page.  I will have to post again soon, but I have to get to work.  Last night was my husbands week night with Kristian so I get to go in early and since I now pay rent I need all the extra time/hours I can get.  Have a great day everyone and God bless your life continuously.

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