It’s been a problem that I have dealt with off and on (mostly on) since I was sixteen years old.  Insomnia.  I suddenly become wide awake at some ungodly time of night and then lay in bed for hours praying, singing, thinking, sorting, planning, and recently reading until about 1 hour before it is time to get up and then I drift slowly to sleep only to have to wake up again within minutes.  There have actually been times when I have turned off the alarm clock because I was already awake and didn’t need it blaring at me in the next 15 minutes or disturbing my husband.  For the past week and a half I have been suffering nightly.  I dose off around 9:30 pm to awaken at 10:30 / 11:00 pm and then lie awake for the next five hours.  I am so exhausted hence my reason for not blogging in such a long time.  I won’t get up and blog during this time because if I did, I would invariably wake up my husband.  So I haven’t been sleeping and I walk around forever tired and just hoping for a break each night.  Thankfully the past few days I have not had to go to work so I have been able to come home and try to sleep for about an hour after I drop off Kristian, but the phone rings all the time and I’m not one of those people who can sleep through anything.  If the phone rings I’m awake, so no more sleep.
I also want to tell everyone about this awesome inexpensive online eyeglass seller.  I order a pair of single lens glasses with scratch resistant, anti-glare lenses for $17.95 including shipping.  Yes, you heard me $17.95!  I  ordered the glasses the weekend of 1/9 and received them yesterday.  I love my new glasses!!  If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on glasses you need to check out this website.  The price of frames start out as low as $8.95 and they are not ugly old timey frames that you would expect.  My frames were $9.95 and they are fabulous.  I will have to take a picture so you guys can see (is there anyone to see the pictures?).
Well….I’ve run out of time.  I must go back to being a mother and wife.  I will sign off now the hope that I sleep tonight (cause I gotta go to work tomorrow) and I hope that I will not be so long in typing another blog.

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