Another Week

Well another week has come and gone and I am sitting here to say that I thank God for allowing me to see another one.  I just finished watching Sherlock Holmes (a great movie) and I thought I should take a few minutes to share my thoughts. 
This week I made these incredible Mississippi Mud Brownies (the original recipe came from a Ghiradelli Baking Chocolate Bar insert, but I changed a few things and made it my own) and brought them to my Book Club meeting on Tuesday.  They were a huge success, so I will have to remember the changes that I made.  My mother is always telling me that I should write the recipes down, but when I’m experimenting I never know what is going to turn out right or if I need to scrap it and try again.  It took me 3 years to get my chocolate cake recipe perfect, 2 years to get the sweet potato pie right, and a year and a half for the strawberry cake.  I’m not saying those weren’t good while I was trying to get them right; it just sometimes everyone else says it is good but you know somethings missing OR something else might make it better.  I’m still trying to figure out the Coca Cola cake.  Another success, I think..I haven’t had a complete slice, is the Strawberry Pound Cake that I made today.  In my quest to make the ultimate Pound cake that is not dry as hell, I think I have lucked upon a good recipe.  I change a few things around, like today I seperated the whites from yolks and beat them then folded it in at the end (I do this for my wedding cakes and they are great.) and see how it goes.  Anyway….back to the strawberry pound cake.  Kristian has been hounding me about a strawberry and I didn’t feel like making frosting so what do you do…..make a pound cake where no frosting is required.  Kristian said it was great and I have passed on a few pieces to some trusted tasters and I will try myself a little later, so I will let you know the results.
I have completely gotten off subject….my book club.  We made some very important decision this month (we are going to Cali for the RT convention in 2011 is a big one) and we have decided that we are going to finally get our own blog going.  This is something that we had been throwing out there for a couple of years, but no one really knew how to get it started.  Since I am doing my own blog and our email is set up through hotmail; it was just obvious that we use Windows Live to do our book club blog.  I walked everyone through the steps of how to add an entry and we all decided on a theme (it’s pretty similar to what we have for everything else).  I have promised to blog my review of the Kindle vs. Sony Reader on there and everyone is going to take a turn blogging their review of the book we read one month.  Because I need to do my review, I better keep this blog short or I will be interrupted soon. 
I have been taking pictures of myself, mostly with makeup cause I have pictures of me everywhere without it and I do a pretty good job of applying makeup, so that I can have a decent picture of me by myself on my blog page and on my Facebook page.  I will get around to putting them out there soon.
I’ve been doing a good amount of reading or maybe I should say I have been reading good books that have gone by quickly and I think I haven’t been watching a lot of television.  There were a couple of nights this week where I didn’t even turn it on (although I did catch one night of American Idol, I only watch the auditions).  It’s been good for my peace of mind and I have been so tired lately, it has alllowed me to actually rest.  If not by sleep just by vegging out.
This is my week to work four days instead of three and I just ask that everyone keep me in their prayers; these weeks are always crazy and I feel like my household has been through a train wreack (I have misspelled that word, but can’t figure it out.).
Until next time…..

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